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DUALISM | cuture & city | flaneur views 2010/2011
C-Prints / walk / catalog


On my first trip to Istanbul I focused on exploring the city and taking in its sights – besides, Istanbul was that year’s cultural capital. I nearly instantly got the impression that the city was a melting pot of polarities and wanted to visually express this coincidence of contra-dictions. During the first journey to Istanbul I met the Initiator of the “JangleJam Festival” and got invited to come again and finish my project. The festival brought artists from different countries together, including Turkey, making it a platform for the exchange of ideas, lifestyles, experiences and knowledge. 

My work is always process-oriented, which means that I gradually develop a form out of a general framework. Walking about gives me the chance to collect impressions and special moments. The ongoing movement also generates a distance, which steadily renews the point of view, while also giving the impression that the surroundings move by. Questions arise, such as: “what does culture mean within the city?”, “what can I actually see at this distance?” and “to what extent do the supposed differences exist?” These questions form the basis of the catalogue. Since the walk and the exploration of the urban spaces are a fundamental part of the work, the catalog was presented at a walk through Vienna.

walk Vienna (walk Istanbul) 2011


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